Express Better With New Facebook Tools

After the anticipation of a ‘dislike’ button, Facebook has finally introduced a brand new concept to express views. Facebook is taking reactions to the next level by making it more empathetic with 6 new emojis: love, laughter, happiness, astonishment, sadness, and anger. You can choose from any one of these buttons, including the standard ‘like‘, to express your views on the kind of content shared on the Facebook feed.

In September, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted that Facebook was working on something to branch out from the existing expressing methods for users all across the globe. He suggested that it would be more beneficial and personal when the content that gets shared has a better way of rating. In order to more seamlessly connect people with content, this new feature that will soon roll out across the globe, is either a blessing or a disadvantage.


Facebook users will soon get to share precisely how they feel about content shared by anyone (user, page, or ad) which makes companies and organizations on Facebook distinguish between the kind of responses their content is receiving. Further, analytics is more augmented and broadened to measure.

But, that’s good for companies and organizations. What about people who use Facebook on a daily basis for revelry? Users who like to share content that is published by other brands and companies will consider this as a powerful tool that’s easier and more solitary as compared to the standard expressing tools. With random, disastrous and impending news, the empathetic emojis uncomplicate people’s interactive abilities but complicates how some publication is perceived on Facebook.


When I talk about content sharing, companies like Buzzfeed are most engaging with their audience as they share content that is entertaining and meaningful. But would one feel “love” when informed about Taylor Swift’s new single or “astonishment” or “happiness”? It’s confusing. Expressing reactions for content such as that will lead to confusion, which negates the usage of those 6 empathetic emojis, definitely.

But on the bright side, pioneering how this new feature works for both Facebook profiles and pages is exciting. It gives companies and organizations a better way to pitch strategies, and it provides users with more ways to appropriately express their views.

This new feature is open for testing in Spain and Ireland, and will soon be available for use.


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