The “Influence” in Marketing

Persuading your customers to expose your brand on their social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is the most effective marketing practice for the ‘millennial’ age. This way your customers can introduce you to other rubric buyers, online primarily, much better than what you can do. A simple yet provocative Word Of Mouth by those targeted customers can drive more traffic and social engagement to your website as the ratio of online WOM (Word Of Mouth) Marketing practices are much less effective online than offline; the voice of the customer has always been the most powerful concept in building brand awareness online but targeting those who are the perfect fit for your brand is essential. Not only are you exposing your brand, but you are also driving guaranteed buyers to your website and there’s a better genuine following online and offline. You don’t need thousands of followers with the rate of interaction being zero; it will be more reputable to have a consistent fan following on any one or all social media platforms so you know where your efforts are headed.
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The cusp of gaining such an audience is crucial by aiming for MARKET INFLUENCERS; these are the ones who will initially help build your brand across multiple social media platforms and blogs through recommendations and later will emerge as the true market influencers that are befitting as per your brand’s needs and goals. Such influencers will be a unique voice for your brand as consumers/customers will trust third-party talkers more than the brand itself. The more they talk about your brand to their followers on social media, the more brand awareness and action will potentially escalate. ‘Peer recommendation’ has tipped the scale of making purchasing decisions more effectively on social media than ever before and many people get better influenced if they’re exposed to what other people (influencers) are talking about your brand, negative and positive. Such influencers ought to be well educated about what they’re buying and their level of interaction with their followers.  These two are the main indicators for choosing your market influencers and the best place to find them is on social media platforms through multiple key points which I will discuss with you later.

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If you’re looking for marketing influencers, you can also cook up some inexpensive contests based on your brand’s needs and start posting them on either one or all social media platforms, just to keep the ball rolling in the social media roller coaster ride. If you want to attract genuine marketing influencers such as bloggers, activists, entertainers or even classy celebrities that are qualified as both beneficial and interactive, you should keep your social media presence active and interesting.

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