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The Exclusive SEO Plugin On The Block Yoast SEO - Featured

When you’ve got too many WordPress SEO plugins to pick from, most of the times you rely on adept articles that are both most recent (maybe 1-3 months in age) and that have gained a significant amount of social share or response to prove that their credibility is for a fact. As you already know, WordPress is one of the best content management systems that outline convincing and far-reaching rankings for your blog/business/website. But when it comes to optimizing your website for SEO and higher rankings, WordPress offers this great plugin, in both free and paid versions, that will transform how you view content marketing for your website.

Yoast SEO

If you’re already an expert at SEO, Yoast SEO plugin will keep the posting process extremely simple. And if you’re still under the darkness when it comes to enhancing your to-be-published post so that it gets noticed like it should on Google and across the web, Yoast SEO plugin features easy tabs and a simple posting process to not only let you decide what kind of targeting you want for your post, but it also an in-depth analysis of your content to make it better and more SEO-perfect!

How does it work?

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Yoast SEO was formerly famous as WordPress SEO by Yoast and it is undeniably the most complete and convenient SEO plugin available for WordPress. Bloggers can use it for a direct On-Page SEO since they know a bit or two about the basics of SEO and how it is absolutely necessary to have good SEO for their website. With Yoast SEO, you can simply do the following things to enhance your SEO score and greater visibility:

You set down a Focus Keyword to better narrow-down the topic of your article. Setting a  Focus Keyword on is important because it lets the web, not the audience in particular, understand what your article is originally about or centered around.

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Focus Keyword

You’re presented with a Snippet Editor as a means to edit the post’s meta description and optimize the page title to make it more purposive and SEO friendly. Once you set your focus keyword, it will be highlighted in your meta description to give you an idea as to how well-lit and graspable the first impression of your article will look like on search engines and elsewhere on the web. You can view exactly how your content will be seen when someone searches for it in Google.

Snippet Editor
Snippet Editor

Right below these two options is the post’s Content Analysis. This features a simple and quick run-through of content checks that analyze the content of your post/article. I love how visually creative it is! With three checkers or “signals”, just like a traffic signal:

  • It shows how Good (green checker or “signal”), OK (orange checker or “signal”) or Bad (red checker or “signal”) your page is content wise.
  • It also conveys ways to improve your content if the signal turns either orange or red, and if you follow and tweak the changes as pronounced, you will eventually get the green signal to-go!
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Content Analysis

After this transparent course of action comes another setting that not many bloggers use, but it can prove a great asset for the long run and coequally, it’s a great feature! Meta Robots Configuration is whether you want to keep that particular post or page out of index or sight. With this option, you can decide for yourself what you want people to view for that page or what not to view such as no image index, no snippet preview or no archive, etc.

In Advanced Settings > Meta Robots Coniguration
In Advanced Settings > Meta Robots Coniguration

There are many other settings in the Yoast SEO tab that’s positioned right below your text and/or visual editor. If you’ve downloaded the free version, you’re going to get surprised by the sheer volume of services that this plugin has to offer its free users, but if you’re purchasing the premium version, there are more features to utilize for your posts and pages such as URL redirects, etc.

On an ending note, Yoast SEO plugin offers more than what any blogger/business owner would have anticipated for a complete SEO-ready optimization for their website. With extremely useful services including Social functions for Facebook & Twitter that helps you originate exactly what content that you would want to share on the social platforms from title, description to image (for Facebook & Twitter only). I am sure you’d be extremely happy and satisfied with this plugin’s free features namely Content, Advanced & Social.

Social Settings for Facebook & Twitter
Social Settings for Facebook & Twitter

How do you like to personalize Yoast SEO for your website or blog? Which, according to your terms, is the best feature of it? And how do you find this plugin to be different than the rest?

Let us know in the comments section below. We are dedicatedly waiting for you to engage with us and initiate the social spectrum!

Written by Ayesha Dhurue




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