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Spending Too Much Time On Social Media Ain’t Good For You

Social Media Ain't Good For You

Are you impelled to cripple your sleeping hours because you spend too much time on social media or you use social media more often because you’re unable to sleep?

While the linkage between an individual’s sleeping pattern and social media usage is held in common and widespread, a recent study has shown that young adults who spend comparatively more time on social media each day get less sleep than those who surf social media less often.

To compare between average and extreme, spending 61 minutes on social media each day and checking different social media channels on an average of 31 times per week caused trouble sleeping at night. Comparatively, spending 121 minutes on social media each day and checking different social media channels 58 visits per week caused higher degree of difficulty in sleeping.

While features in the social media spectrum get more characterized, young adults are initiating more and more activities to connect with friends and new people around the world.

According to the report, there can be any two hypotheses for an establishment such as this: either a young adult is driven to use social media obsessively because her lack of sleep or she neglects her sleeping pattern to use social media more often than usual.

Regardless of the legitimate answer, young adults need to spread awareness among other young adults about the proper use of social media that doesn’t lead to any unnecessary anxiety that’s directly linked with insomnia. As far as the modern society goes, only when young adults raise the awareness about the usage of social media, young adults will rise in answer.


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