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Much Awaited Instagram Feature: Now You Can Switch Accounts On Instagram

 Now You Can Switch Accounts On Instagram

Now, Instagram users can access multiple accounts by quickly and effortlessly navigating between one or more additional accounts through Profile Options > Add Account. Then just enter the username and the password of the account you’d like to add. Once, you’ve added one new account, you can add more by tapping the username at the top of your profile screen and click on Add Account. The list also displays all your connected Instagram accounts.

How do you switch between accounts?

Once you’ve linked an Instagram account, you can switch between them by pressing down on your profile icon that displays your profile picture and you’ll see the list of added accounts to select and switch. You can even go to your profile and tap the username at the top of your screen to select and switch.

The navigation is extremely simple and simply amazing!

Things to know about this new feature:

  • You can link your user account with 5 additional accounts.
  • If you happen to log out of your primary user account and log into any one of the additional accounts you previously linked your primary user account with, please note that in Profile Options > … it will not show that it’s linked to your primary user account. Once you log out of all of your Instagram accounts through Profile Options > … you have removed all the accounts you’ve added to your primary user account.

This means that you will have to connect multiple Instagram user accounts each time you log into an account. The settings will not be saved forever, regardless of you logging in and out of multiple Instagram accounts from time to time.

This also means that after you have connected additional accounts with your primary Instagram user account, the other additional accounts (if and when you log into them) will not be notified at all. In fact, there will be no such notification of connected accounts. That particular Instagram account’s Profile Options > … will have nothing but a fresh “Add Account” option available for you.

This new feature of Instagram is here for good because you can, once and for all, connect your additional accounts with your primary user account on Instagram and post, comment, like and scroll happily ever after without having to log out and back in to access different Instagram accounts in a day!

And for new Instagram users wanting to broaden and experiment with new accounts for personal and/or professional needs: all the more reason to adopt Instagram in your brand awareness and marketing strategy for good!

New Instagram Feature

What does this mean for businesses in 2016?

New post coming up soon.

Wait for it! 

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