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Facebook Now Supports GIFs, But Not On Business Pages

After Twitter joined in by adding GIFs to its tweets in 2014, Facebook has now dived in by supporting GIFs on desktop and mobile devices. So, you can finally post GIFs to Facebook!

After Facebook confirmed that it will now support GIFs (animated images) in its News Feed, they stated that initially not everyone will see that added functionality immediately, as the update is still rolling out.

Formerly, when Facebook was just available to college students (you know the story), they had initiated supporting GIFs, but, obviously that didn’t continue for long. Facebook had ever since avoided GIFs, claiming that it made their News Feed too cluttered and chaotic.

How can you post a GIF to Facebook?

Instead of personally downloading a GIF from the web, to your computer and uploading it on Facebook (as for Photos and Videos), you need to paste a link to a GIF hosted site on an external website like Giphy, Imgur or any other, into your status update box and hit PUBLISH. That’s it. The rest Facebook will do and as a result, you get to see that GIF dancing on your profile feed.

Facebook Status Update Box
Facebook Status Update Box

 Just to be clear, you can share GIFs from anywhere on the web to Facebook.

Unfortunately, this functionality on Facebook exists solely for personal profile users and not for Brand Pages. Brand Pages cannot publish GIFs for their fans and followers. This either means that Facebook is rolling out this functionality for Brand Pages, or it has made the decision to restrict it completely.

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