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Having a place online where you can understand the dynamics of media websites and traditional blogs, while creating quality content, on the same platform, for your business is a good opportunity. As content creators, you work hard to show your readers the good stuff, not only for the popularity for your business but for publishing a variety of topics — ideas/news/discussions currently trending on social media and search engines.

 Gone are the days when businesses took months and months to become successful. If you keep publishing new content on a website like Medium consistently, optimize that content for SEO, and remain active on social media, providing the audience with crispy content to read, over the long term you’ll be a hit!

Until Medium took over, there existed only a standard method of blog posting for most businesses. Now, with Medium, you can take over, target your audience, generate better leads, and quickly publish crafted content in an organized fashion. There’s no waiting, no fabricated responses, and a completely new option to post on a daily basis that will alleviate your business in a matter of months. I, personally, love Medium because it allows you to care less about social media promotions or backlinks to get your content in front of potential readers. It’s a whole new world with over hundred thousand writers and readers, and you have the token to get your content to all of them. So the possibilities are endless.


When you first join Medium, signing up is completely free and so is publishing limitless content. You can either opt to register with your Twitter or Facebook, or you can opt to register with a standard email account (either your personal or company account). Your profile page includes profile thumbnail, your name, an introduction, links to your Twitter and Facebook profiles, and the number of “followers” and “followings” you have.

Medium offers everything you’d want. You can add images, embed content, add breaks to your post for more white space, create notes beside your post, add a subtitle to your article, and a striking featured image. Inside the new post window, you will find of customization options to increase text size, to highlight, to make it in bold or italics form, add a quote, or attach a link to a particular word or sentence.

Just before you hit publish, Medium also offers you to insert relevant tags (up to 5), share your newly published article on Twitter and connect to share on Facebook.

As soon as you publish a new post, it shows up on your ravishing profile page under “Profile” and “Latest”. The main Medium profile page displays the following sub-sections:

  1. Your “Latest” post list, which includes all the posts you’ve published in order of time.
  2. Your “Recommends” list, which are all the posts you’ve recommended ever since you started reading interesting posts composed by other Medium writers on Medium. To recommend an article on Medium, at the end of each article, you will find a ‘heart’ button to do so.
  3. Next, is the “Highlights” list, which displays all the statements, quotes, or paragraphs you’ve highlighted from other articles you’ve read on Medium. This helps your readers resonate with your business ideas, goals, and shows which articles you’ve enjoyed the most and why.
  4. Last, the “Responses” list, which displays all the comments you’ve published on other articles on Medium. Another great way you to show your readers what kind of articles you love reading and how you choose to appreciate their content for your benefit.

The most significant part of your Medium strategies must be to take into account its Analytics section. Medium gives you free access to all the key metrics one must consider to know how well readers are interacting with your content. Just go to “Stats” to access all the important data you need and you’ll observe:

  1. Number of views in 30 days
  2. Number of reads in 30 days
  3. Number of recommends in 30 days

And if you want more detailed analytics of your individual posts, Medium does it too. Just below the above graph, you will see stats for a particular story or post you’ve published. Next to each post, you’ll see:

  2. Reads
  3. Read ratio
  4. Recommends

Moving forward, Medium understands how well you’d like know what’s working in your favor and what’s not. With these simple metrics, you’ll soon know what kind of content is the most popular for your business and how you can generate more reads and recommends based on those stats.


Medium is a talented marketing channel for your business. And posting on Medium offers lots of potential benefits for setting up and maintaining your business blog. Once you establish yourself as the industry expert at what you do, it’s easy to craft content by observing what others are doing and, according to you, missing out on. Once you embrace the assignment of reading articles on Medium, your stories will get seen, you’ll gain more ideas, introduce yourself to more friends, and naturally set the tone for your business goals. If you’re looking to start from somewhere, Medium is a great place to start. You can always re-publish content from your website on Medium and have that as your front. And if you decide to craft content particularly for your Medium audience, that’s alright too.

Here’s how you can kickstart your Medium marketing strategy:

Choose a category

While there are many you can pick to distribute your content, evenly. Before you begin to publish consistently, you’d want to make a list of potential categories or topics with your target audience. For example, let’s say you are a digital marketing and marketing communications company. In this case, your focus should be to either search for “marketing” related topics into Medium’s search box and find out the best possible articles on that broad category to improvise and work with. That way, you can follow fellow marketers on Medium, resonate with their ideas, and make some friends while you publish quality content.

Just a thought, as a business, you can have other interests too. You could employ freelance writers or contact Medium writers to have their posts shared on your profile as a particular collection of related posts to make your profile look more gripping and impressive.

Write for publications

One of the best things about Medium is that you can join other publications and create quality content for them, to expose yourself to more people and ideas. To research for good publications, just enter an idea, category, or tag into Medium’s search bar and click “publications” on the left side bar. You can write relevant posts for those collections, within their general guidelines, and tap into top posts that have a wide variety of possibilities.

Tell stories

If you aspire to be different and distance yourself away from standard posts, telling business stories is always a major advantage. Medium is individually designed for telling stories, before anything else. Stories that are rich in content, visually appealing, and have a human element to them. Between creating content and promoting your business services, you need to find the best possible way to share some of your stories for those readers who aren’t familiar with the way you work. Instead of consistent bragging about what you do, start with how you do it and why.


Once you create an account, link back to your website, engage with other Medium-philes, share stories and publish engaging visual content, recommend, share, bookmark, respond, and analyze, Medium will make your business the number one funnel to meet your goals. While this no designated strategy to become known on a platform like Medium, you can always experiment with versatile tactics and see which fits your scale the best. As you dive into Medium, your business will grow in terms of audience, methods, and dreams. And for those who are new to blogging, Medium will show you what you really need to write and compose to be respected and ground-breaking. Once you learn to accelerate your business on Medium, you will get your content in front of thousands of people beyond what you thought was previously impossible.

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