The Future Of Mobile Marketing Trends In 2016

The mobile marketing industry has faced many emerging trends this year, 2015, and some have turned to ash while some are still dominating the face of market trends, which is cementing market leaders to enhance their online marketing tactics and strategies to stay up on it. The end of each year marks what has been and what will be: this time, mobile marketing steals the limelight for every online marketing trend predictions as we all know that mobile traffic has surpassed that of desktops’. Out of all the inventions and experiments, only a few things have had an impact on the way we work, shop, socialize, and live online. Mobile devices were traditionally meant to be a communication bearer in a very simple and cut-out funnel between two people; but the traditional means are improvised, advanced, and are monopolized in a way that each life experience from shopping, playing, working, socializing to even tracking physical health, can be measured, stored and put to future use. As marketers, there is a whole new parameter of ideas to experiment with and strategies to take out after. Some ideas and strategies may prevail in the marketing industry for a short period of time, leaving only the big ones to dominate the mobile marketing landscape. Mobile Marketing has become more than mere consumption by consumers and profitability of advertisers.

Let’s see what it may possibly evolve into in 2016.

Social to E-Commerce Promotion

The future of mobile marketing trends in 2016 1

Apps that are extremely commonplace today, like Pinterest and Instagram, are taking their first steps into integrating a whole new paradise of allowing users to purchase any product- introducing them into a different e-commerce landscape. Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins” to Instagram’s “Shop Now” e-commerce features are opening the possibilities to embolden the concept of mobile payments, mobile discoverability and mobile experience for brands to reach their customers and forge relationships with them in a way that makes their brand more aware and popular. This benefits the consumers to make sound and “informed” decisions in a social and engaging way. Consumers have the power to discover new products, services, and brands by any social apps out-of-the-closet.

Targeting Consumer Behavioral Strategies

The future of mobile marketing trends in 2016 2

Marketers are becoming more and more customer-focused to leverage better data rather than delving in deeper on the crest acquiring big customer behavior data to drive new sales. Marketers are now enhancing tools to make efficient use of the big data that’s available to them, in abundance. The primary focus is in creating a meaningful experience for consumers to consume any product or service with the aid of mobile devices. Figuring out how to make a long-lasting impact by having the proposition that the customer carries a mobile everywhere is still surfacing. By targeting consumer behavior, marketers can get the right functionality of an app in front of the consumer at their time of need. Irrelevant suggestions of products are opted out while the power is completely handed over to the customers, and not the companies.

Location-Based Discoverability

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As opposed to desktop devices, mobiles are within pocket-reach for consumers traveling outdoors for work or pleasure. According to smart insights, the first example for location-based discoverability is Apple iBeacon, which are tiny transmitters that use Bluetooth Low Energy technology that can effortlessly detect nearby devices in multiple locations. With such a technology, marketers can introduce their products or services’ best features and selling points right where they want it, on their customer’s mobile screen. This way, marketers are guaranteed to earn customers that are reachable, reliable and not force-fed, and customers gain trust in the brand because of their discoverability and assistance.

Interactive Search Engine Landscape

The future of mobile marketing trends in 2016 4

Marketers strive to make consumer apps more interactive and useful. As a matter of fact, the search engine guru, Google has modified its AdWords parameters to focus more on interactive mobile advertisements and is also seen displaying video to determine how the next scale of releasing video ads will affect the buying and browsing standards of consumers. Other platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, already are knee-deep in the auto-video streaming and Vines landscape. So, it isn’t a future tale to tell when other social platforms start placing their bets- some of which already are- in encouraging an interactive search engine landscape for consumers evolve their buy and browse standards.

What is it going to be?

The unabridged picture is that mobile apps are used now more than ever for various activities, to share many experiences, and to track them as well. Gone are the times when you had one app for your weather, and the other for reminders. 2016 will bring to you a new technology trend where consumers can leverage all information, all deals, all alerts, etc. in one app, based on their location, needs, usage, and other demographics.




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