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5 Social Media Tools Your Boss Wants To Know

5 Social Media Tools Your Boss Wants To Know


The effectiveness of your social media presence can be taken to a much higher level if you are familiar with these 5 important social media tools. Trust me when I say that your boss wants to know these too! And if you don’t have a boss over your professional life, be your own, but get ahead in terms of increasing reliable engagement for your social media clients because it won’t matter to the millions surfing the charged social media platforms that you’re not in front of them, it’s your responsibility as a social media person to evoke the feeling of reciprocal action in your target audience with the use of these 5 social media tools.


1. Creating Quality Social Media Images

With Canva, you can create excellent quality images for your social media marketing. With this social media tool, you get to pick from a variety of attractive designs, social media templates (for each particular platform!), background images, fonts, button, stickers, etc. You can create a Canva account for free and get ahead in position to brand your business the perfect way, make your social media images unique, and market your business in a way that it compels customers to click on your next blog post, product image or an ad. You also get an option to start designing for work, personal or educational purposes. This doesn’t affect the design options on Canva, they’re all the same for all of the purposes. If you want to get a step closer to making complete use of Canva, you can upgrade from a free version, but that you can save for later.

Once you setup your Canva account with a decent profile picture and other contact information, you get to pick from multiple templates conveniently organized under their specific purposes such as Social Media Posts, Documents, Cover Photos, etc. You can even opt for custom dimensions if you don’t find what you’re looking for under those pre-defined labels. Going further, you can upload your own background image to use to pick one from a wide variety of images on Canva. There are many more elements such as icons, shapes, frames, grids, sticker photos, etc. that you can simple drag and drop to your social media image with different text options and layouts.

Canva is a great tool to have when you wish to create attractive looking designs for your brand. It’s utilized by many expert marketers around the world who have seen greater results compared to when they didn’t place much importance on social media image for their social media marketing efforts.

2. Social Media Management

Hootsuite is the one of the most efficient and reliable social media management tools, utilized by millions around the world to promote their business, personal brand, and clients in a simplified manner. Once you setup your email address and other relevant details in a matter of minutes, you can choose from a variety of packages (starting from free to other paid packages) and begin connecting the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. The dashboard layout is extremely simple and user-friendly, so you won’t take a long while to understand how it works to benefit your marketing. With a simple navigation tab, you can either send personalized messages on each social media channels or you can send out the same message on all of them together.

Other criteria’s defined by any particular social media channel such as Twitter’s character limit is visually positioned in a way that you won’t run into any trouble in the future.

Right below where you write your message to be scheduled, you get to attach images, links, and check to see if all the character limits are met, and you can schedule the post as well; it’s all available within a simple window on the top right corner of your tab.

Hootsuite is swift, reliable and gives result quickly. Packed with many more exciting features, you can track your social media presence, interact with customers and new followers, and do much more, all on your Hootsuite account’s dashboard. To get more out of Hootsuite, many professional social media marketers believe that investing in a paid plan can yielding even better results and increase overall social media presence. So, if you have social media expenditure in mind, Hootsuite should be your investment in 2016.


3. Social Listening

Sparkcentral is one of the most primary and efficient customer service tools that lets you interact with your audience on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With their in-app messaging tool feature, social media team members can engage consistently while maintaining the brand’s personality and goals across all the 3 channels. Social listening on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is gaining momentum and most of a brand’s customer interaction is felt the most on these platforms only. Facebook’s Facebook Messenger app is a great way to interact with customers and get to know more about their views and feedbacks, so keeping that in mind, Sparkcentral also allows marketers to instantly chat with their customers in real time to meet certain goals and solve their customers’ problems.

The idea behind social listening is engagement, responding to feedback, offering a special discount, coupons, requesting for new ideas, etc. If you’re investing time (and money) into creating content for all your social media channels, you’re completing the funnel 100% if when you have keen ears for them as well. Social listening is real-time communication with all your customers across different social media channels. Lately, many social media tools have been designed to cater specific listening and responding needs for brands and professionals to make their customers feel that they’re being heard. Delivering a best social media customer experience is the gateway for marketers to increase social media presence for their business efficiently while keeping the customer’s needs and interests in mind.


4. Social Collaboration

With Trello, you can communicate better with your social media marketing team for task assignments, content creation, compiling new ideas, and to meet deadlines. Doesn’t matter if you’re a small or big team of creative social media marketers, Trello keeps the communication real simple and user-friendly to get work done faster. You can label different content, upload files, create different lists and add many more cards to that list, and much more on Trello that will benefit your team members greatly. With Trello, you won’t only maintain what each of your team members are up to, but also brainstorm on new social media ideas, test out different strategies and track all of such creative experiments on Trello. With an attractive dashboard, your team members will enjoy working on a new social media campaign and will keep up with the rest to ensure that certain goals are met. You can create individual boards and invite your team members to that board so they can contribute and view all the happenings easily.

With Trello’s easily drag and drop functionality, you can move cards from on list to another, assign certain cards to one or more team members, and place your list in the order that you would be needing them (for example To Do-Doing-Done). It’s a simple, reliable and super amazing project management tool, with integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox to stay relevant and updated about what’s happening with your team members.


5. Social Media Sharing

SumoMe is an extremely popular and uncomplicated social sharing tool or plugin for WordPress that you can use to allow people to share your website, product page, blog post, etc. on their social media profiles easily. One great feature of SumoMe is that it’s mobile optimized so users can share a piece of content from your website even through messaging apps like Whatsapp and the standard SMS messaging. You can use this tool for free and have a paid plan for $20 a month with more features, but according to Social Media Examiner, this tool is great when used for free because of its special functionality that make social sharing for both the audience and businesses effortless and productive.


It’s Your Turn!

Now, it’s up to you, as a marketer in 2016, to simplify your social media marketing efforts in a way that you save time for other equally productive tasks to increase engagement and your overall social media presence. Each of the social media tools will cast a unique spell on your social media channels, making a huge difference in your day-to-day activities. Ensure that once you start using these tools, you are familiar with all its features and benefits because you don’t want to be missing out on something that might transform your business to a completely new level!

As usual, let us know about your favorite social media tools and share with us the impact it has had on your business.

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