5 concrete reasons to know more about SEO in 2015

There has been a drastic but effective fundamental change in the world of SEO this year and it’s going to change again! But one thing’s for certain, that whatever you do for your website from initiating your online “creative” presence, copywriting, development & IT to marketing strategies including social media: everything is leading you towards a good, and an outstanding SEO practice.

Now, here are the reasons why you need to know enough about SEO to understand the relevancy and genuineness of websites that cater to your search needs. So, let’s get started.

  1. It’s not in the words. It’s in everything.

My point may seem a little more dramatic but it is so true! Most of what we care about when writing articles and punching in related keywords is that we get to the spot where the user trusts our link on the search page and gets hitched instantaneously. But we’re never really there, aren’t we? Why is that? Let’s think about what else we can do to actually get to the spot most effectively, and less painstakingly. Focus on everything. When creating a website, we just don’t scale up big words and place them on our website so that searchers read that and get interested forever: yes, content is king and will always be but while content rules the kingdom, we have got to care most about its people and that includes user experience, development, creative visual appearance and social media marketing. Let your content do the talking and all that’s left, set the mood.

  1. SEO people aren’t just “SEO” people.

When you’re best fit for a profession such as a HTML Developer, you wouldn’t linger past the creative department or at the least spare the time to make amends in a department that is completely unspecified in your job description. In SEO, your job is much more than just SEO because like I mentioned above, SEO is everything. Since, organic traffic is fuel to SEO, there is so many functions to fill out to get your website at a good rank in the search queries and a good ROI returns. As Search Engine Land states: A SEO person is a:

  1. Content Developer
  2. User Experience Advocate
  3. Digital Strategist
  4. Creative Marketer
  5. Enthusiastic Freak!

By playing all these roles that are significant to your role as the SEO, you can reach your set targets more effectively.

  1. For the love of Page Titles.

There are various multiple factors that search engines weigh when compiling rankings and they increase every year, but the most important is Page Titles. The relevance and popularity factor of your website that is taken into consideration by search engines is how appropriate your content is to that specific page’s title and its keywords, descriptions and other factors on the web page. This plays an important part because it emits all the necessary keywords about your page to search engines. The best secret to compiling a great Page Title is no secret at all, it’s common sense. Determining what you do, that would require your users to search and land on your website is how to write your page title. You need to make sure you’re communicating the right information to your search engines. You can do that by keeping your page titles more apt and short; no repetition of words as it causes confusion and incompatible rankings. This means, you’ll be listed for the wrong searches without even realizing it.

4. Consistency

When you’re reading about SEO practices and strategies, you’ll find consistency as the most influential factor. This so happens because you’re juggling between one function to another and the one of the best self-practices you can learn from SEOs is the ability to be consistent with their imagination of idea that is being executed (e.g. development of a website from scratch about fairytale books). Keeping a consistent theme of a website in your mind, you get to experiment immense on how your searchers look at your website and what do they get out from it. Is it for buying goodies? Providing information to searchers? Or merely helping searchers to navigate to places most effectively through your website? Such questions need consistency as the fore front weapon.


  1. Social Media Communicator.

Before, social media wasn’t a strong indicator out of a SEO practice book but, now a good ranking isn’t just about how relevant you are as opposed to other competitors on the search listings (it is a competition!), it’s about how you’re communicating to your people on various social media platforms and what people are talking about you: good or bad or both.

 As I am typing this article to an ending, I hope the next thing you’ll do after reading this article is type in any one of these queries: SEO practices, about SEO or SEO marketing, in the search tab. And try to measure the usefulness of each website you click through with these 5 pointers I’ve written for you. There will be more SEO articles published here, in the future so if you liked this one, keep reading.


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