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The Only Social Media Resolution You Need In 2016

The Only Social Media Resolution You Need In 2016 - Featured Image

Imaginably, there are many new kinds of “internet” resolutions out there for the year 2016. While some focus on getting away from the internet, some should be to gain, within the realm of limitless possibilities, a community of influencers, learners and everyone in-between.

For businesses and individual social media accounts, 2016’s ONLY SOCIAL MEDIA RESOLUTION should be conversation with intelligence and absolute immersion. This means to involve influencers into your social marketing strategies and let your presence dominate like a study in many profound industries where different people have different things to talk about inside their own social media box of engrossment.

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The key to the many possibilities that 2016 means for social media, the ability to harness the way content and ideas are discovered, consumed and seemingly inspired millions, is enterprising. The web is getting aggressively active and crowded, still there is an inexhaustible space wide-open for business and individuals to try their hand and converse to share, inspire, motivate and invent ideas and a brand new perspective.

The only social media resolution you need in 2016 is to make better, more intelligent conversations with those around you instead of typing a piece to yourself each time you tweet or share a Facebook status.

How can you do that?  It’s simple.

  • You can ask questions, answer them or invent the kind of content that provokes others to either ask or answer.
  • You can start commenting on content after you’ve discovered, understood them and truly understood them.

We see tons of people commenting on content pieces that they have no clue of. We don’t know why they do it or what they get from it? But, what we know is that it’s not a healthy way to exist online, especially now more than before. So, if you can’t curate ideas and information by yourself (but if you can also do that, then brilliant) begin with co-creating different content by commenting on what other content is out there. Sharing even a single line of perspective or opinion is still “content”.

Let us know your Only Social Media Resolution in 2016? What do you feel businesses or individuals can do to encourage more online interaction that’s real, pure and conscious?

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