Connect better with a selfie

Wouldn’t it be more twenty-first century of us to make new business contacts, meet existing customers and potential customers in seminars and conferences by enthusiastically offering to take a selfie with them? It’s really simple to take that socially inclined step and once it’s done, it makes you meet new people and engage in new opportunities. The things you’ll accomplish with this simple step is marvelous!

It’s a healthy expression of self-appreciation that we like to share with the world.  The selfie trend is quite the popular form in new media, everyone is embracing this form of photography in extremely creative ways and it’s a good trend to follow too in one’s personal and professional life. With a selfie in mind, you can get people to smile, make fun and friendly relations and also build a dependable environment around you. This is also about personal branding, regardless of what work you do; whether it’s always in front a laptop screen or on field; a selfie is what is missing sometimes in the moment. If you’re the sharing kind then how else would you want to capture moments that you’ve experienced with friends, colleagues and family? How else would you let people know what you’re passionate about and share with each other perspectives and opinions about a subject of matter? A selfie is just a small part of sharing but if used wisely, it can start something so great in the professional world.

So, next time you are out for work, in the office or otherwise, take a selfie to just capture the moment and you’ll know how wonderful it feels to reminiscence that exact moment a few months later. And this also makes you more friendly and open to people who would like to work with you in the future, it may show what a tech savvy people person you are!

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