The Art of Minimalism in Designing

The immediate circle of minimalist web design, the concept and purpose of it expresses simplicity and style like never before. The introduction of minimalism in web designs has been swaying around for some time, and now it has emerged as contrastive to a more defined design form for web designers since people prefer less cluttered websites than overly crowded websites which hinders user experience and causes distractive confusion for the user.

Minimalism can be described as the gravitation of replacing every ‘should’ element on a website with a ‘must’ element. Minimalism is primarily concerned with denuding away all that’s unnecessary on your website and bringing forth a simple, yet creative layout of images, content, call-to-action buttons, advertisements, etc. which is only needed, so, your visitors are more likely to interact with you based on the sole purpose of your website and not feel bombarded with many options that are not likely to help communicate your brand image. This is considered the best practice for web designers who want to create a cutting-edge and neoteric website layout for their clients or themselves.

Having too many elements on a webpage leads to less control of choice and navigation for the users and this causes confusion, which ultimately leads to more bounce rates and a bad first impression. The more control you offer to your users, they’ll like you more and want more out of your website. This would be the time when you consider less as more and more as detrimental.

I have stumbled upon a few websites that have rocked the anti-minimalist factor as well: each element on their webpage tells their story but recently there has been a significant rise in minimalist websites than non-minimalist websites. I have posted examples of both under and expressed a few words about them.

 1. Much appreciated-White Spacing:

The best tool to use to find balance in how you present your website to the public is to include spacing in your layout. By using proper spacing grids, a suitable font type and size, and a soothing color palate, you can enhance your website’s functionality and make it more easy and impressive.

daily look 01
daily look 02
daily look 03
Such spacing makes the products stand out and also adds more valor to the brand’s identity. Don’t you agree?

cartell 01 cartell 02 cartell 03 cartell 04 cartell 05


2. You can pick any color!

While spacing is desired, it isn’t necessary for you to use the color white every time. Like this website, you can use any color and still rock the whole unpolluted look.

gravity 01 01


3. Be Direct.

When there are less elements seen on the webpage, it is easier to communicate the message to your users and be more frank about what you do and how you do it. Below, Twitch is where you can watch best video gamers game and know more about certain players and their favorite gaming videos. As you can see the video that is positioned right on the homepage, you get the idea about what Twitch is all about.

twitch 01

4. Be Clever.

The best part about employing minimalism in your designs is the usage of illustrative elements and where to place them. Since you are concentrating more on fewer elements, you get to spend more time and energy in constructing a befitting pattern of creative art strokes, colors and background placements with proper call-to-actions and titles.

genius 01 genius 02

5. Focus

As I had mentioned earlier, control is of utmost importance while designing your website because you need to balance the control between you and your users. If you’ve got complete control then there are chances that the user won’t like certain elements on the webpage; but if you let the users control selective elements on your webpage, they feel more satisfied and hence, they navigate more and more.

To keep the control, you need to focus on a goal based on how you want your users to interact with you. For example, if you want more email subscribers, you’ll construct a bold and big sign up call-to-action on your homepage so it’s the first thing that visitors see. Just like that, if you’re providing any kind of web service and the goal is to let people know what you do to get more clients- you will create a visual and content based homepage that speaks for you to your visitors. Just like the one below.

trunkclub 01 trunkclub 02 trunkclub 03 trunkclub 04 trunkclub 05

If you wish to comment on any of the websites and their layout concepts, you can leave a comment below and share this piece with your friends and family!

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