Introduction to A/B Testing

While A/B Testing isn’t in the spotlight, yet, it has proven to become one of the most effective tools to change the face of design & goal conversions. People aren’t aware of it as much as they should be and the reason behind it is simply unknown. A/B testing can provide insights to your online visitor behavior, goal conversions and bounce rate.

The best question you should ask is not the definition of A/B testing, it is how can you manipulate it to your profit? Nevertheless, I’ll provide a quick introduction to what A/B testing really is. It is what it exactly sounds like: you present two versions of a certain element on your webpage (A and B) that leads to the completion of your goal, these versions (A and B) are actively distributed among your online visitors, simultaneously, and in the end with the proper statistics (percentage of increase or decrease in your goal conversions) you decide which version is the winner (A or B?). Yes, it’s that simple.

To determine which version (A and B) works better for your online website, you install both versions to experimentation, simultaneously, and you know which one works the best, after a period of time. You can measure the success of each version with metrics that matter most for your website. They can be downloads, purchases, sign-up forms, bounce rates, sales, etc. The kind of A/B testing you perform on your website depends wholly on the kind of goals you’ve allotted. Other than this, there exists no metric or testing strategy that you an set to better benefit from this tool. You can answer multiple questions about your website’s design and performances by testing each element that plays an important part of your goal completion. That’s why A/B Testing a such a significant tool that marketers utilize for enhancing the online user experience to cater to their new and regular visitors.

Below I’ve illustrated a solid example for you to understand the depth and meaning of A/B testing and make this tool the highest priority for your website.

Version A
Version B

Above, you see two versions of the same webpage, version A and version B, both are destined to land you to the same destination that is a ‘Thank you for subscribing’ page (goal completion). The testing here refers to the Call-to-action button which is placed in the same position in both versions, the color of the font and the color and placement of the button is also the same, but the only difference is its content. To know which provocative content works best on your Call-to-action button (SUBSCRIBE BUTTON), this would a clear example of it.


To get a clear understanding about what A/B Testing is and how does it work it is necessary to know that both the versions will be doing their magic, at the same time. So, when half of the visitors are looking at a CTA with “Let’s Go!!” written on it; the other half is looking at a CTA with “Subscribe” written on it. Both of the versions are tested fairly and concurrently.